Company Info

Since 2004 the originality of Bijoux de Pele brand has been recognized and loved by famous personalities, the products have been used in a number of TV series and shows also sharing the market space with such major brands as Dior, Chanel and others, nowadays it became essential for creating styles and collections or using during events.

Due to its diversity in relation to designs and colors, Bijoux de Pele has already conquered women of most different styles and tastes, it mainly suits those women who appreciate the details and understand the difference it makes when adding a beautiful accessory to their look.

The evolution of adhesive tattoos and their styles, their adherence and performance merge with your individuality. This is a second skin that highlights your personality.


Bijoux de Pele - Temporary Tattoo (self-adherent) - perfect grip and sophisticated design

The Bijoux de Pele we introduce in the market demonstrates special effects through brightness and designs. Some of the special effects are shown on tattoos, accessories, drawings that are rich in contrast and diverse in colors.

With models and styles that suit any season of the year, which can be used during summer, adding a nice touch to the bikini, and during the winter sales, having more sophisticated versions.

The brand is frequently updated having also reached a great output in the line production supplying a large number of varied designs such as the basic production with butterflies and tribal tattoos, having also the option to add a more sensual design with peppers and hearts, and furthermore, we offer a more luxurious production line with bracelets and necklaces.


Adhesive Eyeliner  - Anatomical Design ( for different types of eyes ) - easy to use and reusable

The adhesive eyeliners have been designed respecting the eye's anatomy providing comfort, sensuality with great grip and durability. They are beautiful, modern and very practical.

The type of designs is from the most basic line production named as "classic" to an even more daring collection, which we named "Catwalk", and the colorful eyeliners.